Chance Berry Pink Out and Silent Auction

Drum Roll Please…
Our Tip-Off Club fundraiser for Chance Berry has been finalized!
GRAND TOTAL OF ALL PROCEEDS: $1,661.67 – We could not be more PAWSITIVELY grateful to this community for pitching in to help us help Chance and his family!

Here’s how it breaks down: THANKS to everyone who supported our Silent Auction by donating or collecting items for auction, bidding on auction items or making cash donations. We raised $1,200.00! THANKS to Uncle Chet’s BBQ who donated a percentage of daily sales and collected cash donations. They sent us a check for $300.00! And THANKS to Swirlee’s Frozen Yogurt who donated a percentage of daily sales and collected cash donations. They sent us a check for $161.67! It was such a special treat to have these two local businesses reach out to us and offer their support. Be sure to tell them the next time you stop in for BBQ or Frozen Yogurt!

And please share this post with others who contributed auction items! Without their generosity & all of these folks working together, our efforts would not have been so successful.







Sat. Jan. 27th: Park and Rec. Night / Silent Auction / Pink Out

Panther Basketball Tip-Off Club announces Park and Rec night where all Jackson County Park and Recreation basketball teams are invited to attend the basketball games. Game times are as follows: JV Girls 3 pm, JV Boys 4:30 pm, Varsity Girls 6 pm and Varsity Boys 7:30 pm. Park and Rec Coaches and players wearing their current team jerseys will get in free. Admission for all others is $5.00 per person.

Simultaneously the Tip-Off Club will be hosting it’s annual Silent Auction/Pink Out night which benefits someone in the Jackson County family who is battling cancer or undergoing life affecting treatment through the cancer center.

This year’s auction proceeds will benefit Chance Berry. He is a Junior at JCCHS.
Chance was rushed from NEGMC on October 2, 2016, to Scottish Rite Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta due to a tumor the size of a small orange on his brain. On October 3, 2016, the Neurosurgeon was able to remove the tumor. Rehab was the next step. After lots of post-op scans on the removed tumor, it was found to be an extremely rare malignant (cancerous) tumor called AT/RT. This type of tumor is found rarely but when it is found it is usually in children 3 and under, at that age it’s so hard to fight and usually with grim results. Chance, on the other hand, is older, stronger bodied and all around more capable of fighting this disease with Chemo and Radiation treatments. Chance continues to undergo cancer treatments with round 4 of chemo which began in late December.

Chance Berry