JC Mountain Bike Club Team

Saturday and Sunday, October 6 & 7, our mountain bike team participated in race #3 down in Milledgeville.  While the course was less technical this time, the heat made up the difference, however, our riders were up for it and gave it their best go.

Highlights from Race #3

Our Freshman rider Paul Tyndall continues to show great performance in a Freshman field that is stacked with another top 10 finish in 10th place.
The biggest “win” of the day came from our rider Abby Fox.

What you see in the photo below is a rider from TrojanMTB (Lassiter HS). The photo doesn’t tell the whole story, because the LHS rider was struggling to get up the last hill before the finish line, and was visibly in the “pain cave” (a phrase we use in cycling). Abby seizing the moment, slowed her race tempo down to cheer and encourage this young woman up the hill and then passed her using proper trail etiquette after she had made sure she was ok.

Afterward, at the end of the day, this rider found Abby and thanked her for encouraging her to finish the lap and the race. The rider’s parents reached out to our team through Facebook to thank Abby and us for helping their child through that moment and coaching character. These girls raced 11 miles over some tough terrain and a high heat index. Regardless of the challenges that are thrown at the riders, sportsmanship and camaraderie always find its way to the top.

As a team, we always discuss character, and who the name on the jersey represents. It’s more than a school, but a community. There is always room on the top step of the sportsmanship podium for everyone. This was one example of what we see every weekend at these races. Everyone cheers for all the riders regardless of what team they are on.

Jackson County is still in sixth place in the team points race despite being down riders due to injury and fall break.

JCCHS Mountain Bike Team

Race #4 is in Watkinsville at Heritage Park on October 20th (middle school) and 21st (High School). Come join us, and we will save you a seat in the Pit Zone. This will be our last “close to us” race before we head down south one more time to Jackson, Georgia (Indian Springs State Park).

The JC Mountain Bike Club Team had another great Race Weekend at Allatoona. Not much climbing, but technical single track trail and a fast 6 miles.
Freshmen Update
Paul Tyndall despite having a busted wheel and breaking spokes on course managed a 7th place finished in a field that is stacked deep with now 100 boys.
All of our Freshmen Boys and Girls finished higher with the girls highlight being –Kaylee Crase who moved up 4 positions and beat several sophomores to the line.
All of the freshmen boys moved up several slots and are positioning themselves higher up in the team points race.
Our JV riders Reid Patterson and newcomer Grady Faint made some serious moves in the race.
Grady starting in the dead last position in a field of 70 JV boys finished 12th! The JV Boys do three laps (18 miles)
Reid moved up 15 spots to finish 45th.
For more information about the JC Mountain Bike Club Team, contact Zachary Taylor (ztaylor@jcss.us).