JCCHS 2020 Online Summer School

Eligibility Options:
#1 Credit Recovery- Students with a finalized grade of 60-69% (No Cost)
#2 Continuing an Online Course- Students currently enrolled in a fully online course may continue their course through online summer school ($25 per continued course).
#3 Additional Credit(s)- Students seeking to make up credits or get ahead on credits may take 1/2 and full credit courses. ($25 for a half-credit course and $50 for a full credit course).

* If finances keep you from being able to take a course, please contact Jason Powers at jpowers@jcss.us

Online Summer School Dates:
June 8th-July 11th (Required Virtual Meeting/1st day of class June 8th at 10 am. A google meet link will be sent to the student’s email/calendar)

This form must be completed by June 3rd, 2020.