Procedures for Exempting Seniors from Final Exams

Greetings Class of 2021,

Final Exams are almost here!  Please take a moment to review the procedures used for exempting seniors from final exams.

Procedures for Exempting Seniors from Final Exams:

    • Friday, May 14 is the last full school day for seniors.
    • Beginning on Monday–May 17,seniors are only required to be on campus when they are taking final exams.  Seniors are encouraged to be in all of their classes to review for final exams, to make up missing assignments, and to receive additional help, but they are only required during the non-exempted exam periods listed HERE. Seniors may not take exams early or at any other time other than what is listed HERE.
    • Seniors must submit theirSenior Final Exam Exemption 2021 Teacher/Student/Guardian Signature Form in the cafeteria (at the back table) by Friday, May 14th at 12:54PM.  Administration will be in the cafeteria during all lunches to accept the exemption forms.Please note:  the Senior Final Exam Exemption 2021 Teacher/Student/Guardian Signature Form will be cross-referenced with teacher provided Senior Exemption lists for each course.On May 3rd, these forms will be available in hard copy in the following areas:  Cafeteria, Front Office, Media Center, and Counseling Department.
    • Senior Exam Exemption Check-In/Out Procedures:  If a senior does not have to take an exam, he/she should sign in/out in the Cafeteria with Ms. Steeb DURING TRANSITIONS ONLY.  This is only for exemptions during exam times.  All other check-in/outs are in the front office as usual.  Seniors who were listed on the Exemption Forms should report to the Cafeteria to sign in late, if they don’t have to be at an early exam (DURING TRANSITIONS ONLY) —OR–sign out to leave before an exempted exam begins (DURING TRANSITIONS ONLY).

Please let Administration know if you have any questions!