Summer Student Chromebook

All students returning to Jackson County High School in August will keep their Chromebooks over the summer. Only students NOT returning should bring their Chromebook and charger to the Media Center on Wednesday, May 26th.

If you have lost your Chromebook charger, a replacement charger can be purchased for $25 in the Media Center.

Please read the Chromebook Care reminders to keep your device safe.

Chromebook Care Reminders:

    • Do not place textbooks or other heavy objects on top of the Chromebook.
    • Chromebooks should not be exposed to extreme temperatures. For example, do not set your Chromebook on the dashboard of your car where temperatures may be extremely hot
    • Place your Chromebook on level surfaces where it will not fall accidentally.
    • Do not lay a pen or similar object on the keyboard. If you overlook the item and close the lid, the object is likely to damage the screen.